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(n)Either Graceful (n)Either Greedy

type. multi-sensory experience

title. (n)Either Graceful (n)Either Greedy

date. december 2018

city. brussels

description.(n)Etiher Graceful (n)Either Greedy was a collaboration with Elsa Keisem Ga and was commissioned by Josephine Desprets for the Jam Hotel for their bi-annual Pop-Up event.

We were given a room and  a free-pass to do anything we wanted inside. We decided to explore the female condition in our current society through a multi-sensory experience divided between two distinct scenes. *

* Due to the sensitive content of the live performance and the impossibility to represent the full-impact of a mutli-sensory installation visually, the content will only be discussed rather than shown.


Room Entrance

Room #1

First Room : "ENDURE"


The audience is guided inside the bathroom, where all of their senses (playing with taste, light, temperature and sound) are over-stimulated during a live performance.

room's soundtrack


credits : Grace Jones - Corporate Canibal

Room #2

Second Room : "ACT"


The audience enters the second room which is extremely dark. After taking some time to adapt to the new environment, the audience would explore the room of their own accord, finding different sources of light. Once they reach the lights they would be able to listen to testimonies on gender expectations, women sexuality and toxic masculinity. They would stay in the room taking as much time as they need to take in the information and reflect until they feel ready to get back out in the real world.

audio #1

audio #2

credits : texts from and


End of the piece


Before leaving the room the audience is invited to watch a video where the designers explain their intent and give them platforms to continue their reflection on the topic. When exiting, the first character awaits them to give them their shoes back, have a chat about the experience and invite them to donate to an NGO supporting women's entrepreneurship.

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